The Hong Kong Festival Orchestra and Voices (“HKFO”) is one of the largest and leading orchestra and choir festivals in Hong Kong.  Founded in 2009, HKFO has produced countless world-class productions over the years, including collaborations with celebrated artists such as Grammy-winning violinist Joshua Bell and composer Eric Whitacre; pianist Yundi Li; as well as popular singer George Lam and comedian Jim Chim, amongst many others.  HKFO receives a worldwide following of over 1.3 million views on social media, with its past presentations featured across Europe and the United States, in documentaries produced by the Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (Second German Television) as well as exhibited at the heart of the Philharmonie de Paris.

In 2016, the creators of HKFO founded HKFO School of Music as a professional music education frontier to nurture the city’s youngest and finest.  Helmed by Hong Kong’s top music pedagogues including Martin Choy, Tsai Loo, Hui Ling, and Julie Kuok, HKFO School of Music is one of the finest performance outlets in Hong Kong with courses designed to unleash every child’s performance potential, with regular performance opportunities, ensemble “learn-among-your-peers” training, as well as the chance to participate in musical exchanges and competitions both locally and overseas.

HKFO School of Music stresses on learning and playing among the stars.  The 2017 calendar marks a stellar masterclass series beginning with a choral masterclass with two-time Grammy-winning ensemble The King’s Singers, a cello masterclass with renowned Hong Kong cellist Trey Lee, and concluding with the enviable share-the-stage experience with Jan Söderblom, Concertmaster of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. 

HKFO School of Music boasts its ownership over some of the finest musical facilities in Hong Kong.  The Hong Kong Festival Hall, a 1,600 sq ft acoustic concert hall, is one of the largest recording studios in Hong Kong fitted with a professional-grade control room.  Today, with some of Hong Kong’s top talents and best facilities at hand, HKFO emerges as a music conglomerate consisting of Hong Kong’s largest youth music festival, a professional music education establishment, and a full-fledged multi-media production facility.