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2017 Masterclass Series
2017 Recruitment

Masterclass Series 2017

Meet our stellar masterclass ensemble cast including two-time Grammy-winning ensemble The King’s Singers, world-renowned Hong Kong cellist Trey Lee, and Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra's Concertmaster Jan Söderblom.

The Babythoven Programme

Musical learning at a young age is crucial to whole-child development and equipping critical early learning skills.  Through interative fun and games with our child education specialist and an instrument/voice specialist, the Babythoven Programme lays the cornerstone for essential human development in the future.

Hiring Our Facilities

Acoustically designed by one of the top acoustic designers in Asia, HKFO is the go-to place for recording large-scale musical productions, ​hosting recitals, choral-orchestral rehearsals, product launch, seminars, Hi-fi reviews, and audio recordings to a professional level.