The Babythoven Programme is a programme targeted at those of tender age - training our young through interactive games and play, the ability to appreciate musical sounds, react to pitches, rhythm, and gain a basic knowledge of the many interesting instruments and voices of the modern orchestra. Led by our resident child specialist with live demonstrations by our instrument and voice specialists, the Babythoven Programme provides a unique and unparalleled nurturing musical experience.

Classes for the Babythoven Programme are offered on:

Every Friday and Saturday

 10:00 - 11:00am     
*Students will be assigned to study with children of similar ages.
**Students under the age of 3 shall attend classes with their parents and/or guardians.

Tuition Fee (Back to School Full-Pay Promotion): 

HK$400 for 1 one-hour sessions (HK$400/student)

NOW: HK$3,600 for 12 one-hour sessions (HK$300/student)

Students will study under both a child education specialist and an instrument/voice specialist under the Babythoven Programme.
Students who have satisfied an attendance rate of not lower than 80% shall receive a certificate at the full completion and at the satisfaction of their instructors.