Date & Time:

11 May 2017, 05:30 pm


HKFO School of music


$300 (Auditing)

HKFO2017: Through the Looking-glass
The King’s Singers X HKFO: Life through a lens - The Masterclass

What is better than a world-class singer? Answer: 6 world-class singers. HKFO is delighted to present in our Summer Festival “The King’s Singers X HKFO: Life through a lens”, as we go on a musical voyage with the two-time Grammy-winning ensemble through their unique harmonic filter, to experience our lives’ uniquenesses and riches.

“HKFO2017: Through the Looking-glass” brings to you a musical trilogy through our magical lenses to experience the beauties and absurdities of our world, and finally, into a magical wonderland.

Critically acclaimed and in global demand, The King’s Singers’ artistry requires no introduction. HKFO welcomes you all to the first of our three-part journey as we join The King’s Singers to perform some of their most beloved classics.

Presenting in collaboration with HKFO School of Music, The King’s Singers will also give an open masterclass, demonstrating their unparalleled artistry to those who have the passion, skill, and interest in choral music.

The King’s Singers
Vocal Ensemble